Top 5 Lightroom Preset Deals for Black Friday

Lightroom presets can be your most powerful ally in editing amazing photos quickly. Presets provide a way to save a group of settings and apply them to other photos. Essentially applying the settings of professional photographers to your photos with a single click.

landscape lightroom presets

Lightroom presets for quick and professional photo editing (click to learn more)

If you are looking to improve and dramatically speed up your workflow, now is a good time to check them out:

1. The Landscape Photographer’s Lightroom Presets – at 50% off

A premium collection of over 100 presets designed and developed specifically for landscape photographers but any photographer can benefit.

2. Contrastly Lightroom Presets Bundle – at 86% off

contrastly lightroom

The 1,100+ Lightroom presets included in the Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle were designed by and for photographers.

3. HDR Hero Lightroom Presets – at 63% off

hdr hero

HDR Hero is a huge set of Lightroom presets that make it quick and easy to get HDR effects with a single photo, no need to have multiple bracketed exposures.

4. The Preset Kingdom Professional Bundle – at 60% off

lightroom preset

The bundle includes 14 different packs of presets and a total of 300 presets that will totally change your work in Lightroom.

5. Travel Lightroom Presets – at 63% off

travel presets

These presets have been created especially for travel photos, and with a collection of 100 presets at your disposal you will have a great variety of results.

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