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Samsung’s built-in storage chips might make microSD slots a thing of the past

MicroSD storage expansion slots are a feature that is slowly but surely disappearing from high-end smartphones, with “cloud-focused” smartphone manufacturers such as Google or Apple leading the pack. However, at least Samsung users can stop worrying about a lack of expandable storage in the near future, because the built-in storage in their devices should soon […]

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HDR is enabled by default on the iPhone 8 Plus, and that’s a really good thing

Capturing HDR (high dynamic range) photos using an iPhone or iPad camera isn’t a new feature, but using it in the iPhone 8 Plus is the first time I’ve been wowed by it. HDR images are balanced and realistic, to the point where you may not even think about whether a photo is HDR or […]

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Nikon’s Shutter Shading Issue Might Be the Best Thing to Happen to D750 Owners

While the shutter shading issues of the D750 don’t plague every body, Nikon’s recent service advisory (i.e., recall) does apply to quite a few of them. Many might groan at the thought of sending in their workhorse or even backup D750s, but the truth is that this may be a huge blessing in disguise. [ […]

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