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Samsung’s built-in storage chips might make microSD slots a thing of the past

MicroSD storage expansion slots are a feature that is slowly but surely disappearing from high-end smartphones, with “cloud-focused” smartphone manufacturers such as Google or Apple leading the pack. However, at least Samsung users can stop worrying about a lack of expandable storage in the near future, because the built-in storage in their devices should soon […]

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Let’s Talk About Storage and Backups

What’s the first rule of any working professional photographer? Backups. What’s the second rule of any working professional photographer? Backups for the backups. [ Read More ] Paul Seiler Click Here to Check out The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Guide to DSLR Video To Get Trick Photography And Special Effects E-book Click Here! Learn Digital Photography […]

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HP reveals insane Z8 workstation: Can handle 3TB of RAM and 48TB of storage

The rise of 4K (and 6K… and 8K) video, not to mention virtual reality and 360° content, means the computers of today need to grow up and they need to do it fast. 16GB of RAM, a decent video card, and 1TB of hard drive space just won’t cut it for many professionals any longer… […]

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