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Ten Nikon D5 DSLRs will arrive at the International Space Station tomorrow

Back in August, NASA’s love affair with Nikon cameras made the news when the space agency ordered 53 unmodified Nikon D5 DSLRs that it would use on the International Space Station and for ‘training purposes’ here on Earth. Ten of those D5 cameras are scheduled to make it to the ISS this week. Packed aboard […]

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Charge your devices with a USB station shaped like a Sony mirrorless camera

If you’ve searched high and low for the perfect USB charging station but come up empty handed, Fotodiox might have your number. It’s offering the Mirage Trio USB Charging Station, which is fashioned to look like a Sony a7-series mirrorless camera for no discernible reason. It offers charging for an Apple or Android phone, a […]

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