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Create Better Bird Photographs Near the Water With These Smart Tips

As I’ve started spiraling down the wonderfully challenging path of bird photography, it’s become apparent that there’s a lack of well-made resources to get a jump start on it. Given it’s a small genre with a lot of competitiveness in earning money with limited avenues to sell work, I can understand that. However, I’m always […]

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FAA bans drones from flying near 7 nuclear facilities

The Federal Aviation Administration has officially designated seven Department of Energy (DOE) facilities as drone no-fly zones, restricting UAVs from being operated within 122m / 400ft of any of the following sites: Hanford Site, Franklin County, WA Pantex Site, Panhandle, TX Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID Savannah […]

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