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In praise of shooting monochrome landscapes

Taking color out of the equation forces the viewer to focus on shapes and textures In an age of wide color gamut displays and HDR-everything, DPR regular Nicolas Alexander Otto urges his fellow landscape shooters to embrace shooting in black-and-white. Here are a few reasons why he embraces monochrome for landscape work – and thinks you should too. […]

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Nine black-and-white photo apps to elevate your monochrome game

Black-and-white photo apps to elevate your monochrome game Not so long ago, novice photographers began learning their craft with black and white film. While many eventually mixed color into their portfolios, others eschewed hues entirely, opting for the smoothness of subtle monochrome tones. Then came the digital revolution where all native output was in color […]

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Black and white landscapes: how to make a monochrome masterpiece

Turning your colour photos into a black and white landscape is a great way to add impact, drama and emotion to your scenes. Landscape photographers (read The 10 Commandments of Landscape Photography – and how to break them) have traditionally gravitated to mono using the traditional darkroom. However, today it’s a lot less hassle and […]

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