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Samsung’s built-in storage chips might make microSD slots a thing of the past

MicroSD storage expansion slots are a feature that is slowly but surely disappearing from high-end smartphones, with “cloud-focused” smartphone manufacturers such as Google or Apple leading the pack. However, at least Samsung users can stop worrying about a lack of expandable storage in the near future, because the built-in storage in their devices should soon […]

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Wi-Fi microSD™ Adapter (Rev.2)

Wi-Fi microSD™ Adapter (Rev.2) Add Wi-Fi file transfer ability to your existing SDHC compatible digital camera using this Wi-Fi microSD Adapter from Monoprice!This adapter is in the form of the popular full-sized SD card and features a built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi radio. The radio is powered by the camera (or other device it is inserted into), […]

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