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Dutch Wedding Photographer Takes Incredibly Risqué Wedding Photo [NSFW]

Every wedding photographer has their own style of lighting, editing, posing, etc. However, a Dutch wedding photographer just blew the doors off convention with what’s probably the most risqué wedding photo I’ve seen. [ Read More ] Alex Cooke Click Here to Check out The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Guide to DSLR Video To Get Trick […]

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Photographer duo captures incredibly creative architecture portraits

Artist duo Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis have one of the most creative, fun, not to mention OCD-friendly Instagram partnerships you’ll ever stumble across. They travel the world finding creative, strange and colorful architecture, and then come up with creative, strange and colorful ways to interact with it. Surprisingly (or maybe not) Devis and Rueda […]

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Jain’s ‘Makeba’ Music Video Displays Incredibly Creative Thinking in South African Culture

Jain is a musician from France, but she’s lived all over the world during her teens, from Dubai to the Republic of Congo and even in South Africa, where the music video for ‘Makeba’ was shot. The song’s name is a reference to Miriam Makeba, a well-known South African singer and songwriter during the 50s […]

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