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How to Pre-visualize, Shoot, and Edit a Landscape Photo

Knowing how to visualize a shot in your head before you take it is an important step in the creative process, else you’re simply firing off shots and hoping for a good edit to come out of the process. This great video follows a landscape photographer from pre-visualization all the way to printed photo. [ […]

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The Edit Photo Button: Brilliant Photoshop Tool Can Transform Any Image into a Masterpiece

Has anyone ever told you that you’re cheating when you apply any post-processing to your image after the initial capture of that image? Well, the reality is that what you were told is completely true. You see, for decades, cameras have had the innate ability to perceive what the scene should look like. In fact, […]

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Using Channels to Selectively Edit Your Photos

Have you ever wondered what that obscure tab called “Channels” in Photoshop does? You know, the one with black and white layers of your photograph that are anything but red, blue, or green? Turns out they do some pretty amazing things and aren’t really that hard to understand once you get familiar with them. At their […]

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