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Curvature Pen Tool: Adobe Photoshop CC Sneak Peek of an Easier Pen Tool Coming Soon

The Pen tool is incredibly powerful, but not always the easiest to use for newcomers. Even those familiar with other Photoshop features are often less proficient with using the Pen tool to select specific areas or create paths. While it’s not meant to replace the original Pen tool, the new Curvature Pen tool previewed in […]

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Adding Color to Your Black and White Photos Just Got Easier

We all know someone that has an older photo taken in black and white and many of us have seen those request to transform those photos into color. Converting old black and white photos to color may have just gotten easier with a new app. [ Read More ] Alex Ventura Click Here to Check […]

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Manfrotto introduces Xume magnetic holder system to make switching filters easier

Accessory manufacturer Manfrotto has launched a new filter suite that features a magnetic adapter and filter holders that it says make fitting and removing filters quicker and easier. The new Xume system uses a magnetic adapter ring that screws into the front of the lens, while the filter itself screws into a metal filter holder. […]

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