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Depth of Field Explained

Over my nearly twenty years of teaching university photography classes, I’ve come to discover that one area that students often have the hardest time mastering is depth of field. Whereas beginning students usually manage to work well with their cameras in manual mode, which forces them to make their own selections of apertures and shutter […]

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How to Use Low Camera Angles for Depth and Dimension

Photography is essentially a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional scene. That presents photographers with a lot of challenges. How do you show depth and dimension in two dimensions? Lighting, overlapping subjects, focal length, depth of field, perspective, and camera angle all play a role: Camera angle is one of the most definitive ways to create depth […]

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Use Depth of Field to Make Your Photo Subject the Star

We’ve discussed showing less skin and using long sleeves on our models to avoid the viewer’s eye being pulled out of the frame. Why? We want all of the viewer’s attention to be focused on our subject. We want the subject to be the undisputed star of our photo. “Sarah” captured by PictureSocial member Gagan […]

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