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How to Use Your Camera’s Depth of Field Preview Button

Ever wondered what that tiny, mysterious button located toward the bottom of your camera’s body is for? ZY Productions provides an answer to the age old mystery: Believe it or not, that tiny little button allows you to preview an image’s depth of field in-camera. Some users press out of curiosity and aren’t able to observe […]

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The Edit Photo Button: Brilliant Photoshop Tool Can Transform Any Image into a Masterpiece

Has anyone ever told you that you’re cheating when you apply any post-processing to your image after the initial capture of that image? Well, the reality is that what you were told is completely true. You see, for decades, cameras have had the innate ability to perceive what the scene should look like. In fact, […]

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4 Reasons to Never use the Delete Button on Your Camera

I was walking around a wild horse range in Utah this past summer, backing up, shifting one way then the other, looking for my shot, composing and recomposing when I almost stepped on this: I freaked out. Very quietly, since I was almost standing on a snake and I don’t want to disturb him any more […]

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