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Adding Color to Your Black and White Photos Just Got Easier

We all know someone that has an older photo taken in black and white and many of us have seen those request to transform those photos into color. Converting old black and white photos to color may have just gotten easier with a new app. [ Read More ] Alex Ventura Click Here to Check […]

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Adding Fog and Light to Your Photos for Atmospheric Effects

How many of you like to add atmospheric effects to your work to give them more life? This is completely subjective but I tend to add fog and light streaks to my automotive glamour work to give it a little more “pop.” [ Read More ] Alex Ventura Click Here to Check out The Complete […]

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2 Simple Methods for Adding Color to Your Images Using Photoshop

Most of us have experienced photographing an incredible sunrise or sunset only to get home and realize that the colors in your images are not nearly as good as the colors you witnessed with your own eyes. There can be many reasons to this, such as camera limitations or mistakes you made in the field. […]

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