New: Understanding Light for Photographers at 78% Off

Light is the basic building block of ALL photography. Hearing about great light, talking about great light, and maybe even recognizing certain types of light is not the same as UNDERSTANDING light. Understanding it means you’ll know how to “accurately” manipulate light to your advantage. We were able to negotiate a 78% discount on this in-depth guide which ends soon. Deal found here: Understanding Light at 78% Off

understanding light

New: The Understanding Light Guide at 78% Off (Click to Learn More)

Without light there would be no photography. It’s as simple as that. Understanding light gives you the power to control the mood and feeling in your shots.

“If you want to be the type of photographer that creates photographs, not one who just snaps them, you must understand how light works. And, once you understand how it works, it will be to your advantage to thoroughly understand how to manipulate it. These skills will help you create photographs that you can pre-visualize in your mind.”

In this guide you’ll discover:

  • Exercises that will teach you how to light shapes and control light. (Pages 6 – 7)
  • Study Reflectance and Refraction, and you will jump leap years ahead of your competition. (Pages 14 – 16)
  • Knowing this one characteristic of light- will vastly improve your flash photography. (Pages 20 – 23)
  • Do you have trouble using “bounced” light? Fix your problems here. (Pages 25 – 31)
  • This characteristic of light practically dictates how someone will react to your photograph! (Pages 37 – 44)
  • Light bounces. Study “HOW” the surface you’re bouncing it from can vastly affect your photograph! (Pages 47 – 50)
  • These five tips on lighting will help you get a perfect shot every time! (Pages 51 – 60)
  • Light creates these- And they are just as important as the light itself! (Page 62)
  • Study the relationship between “Camera point-of-view” and the Light Source. (Pages 74 – 83)
  • How to judge Light by simply looking at it. (Pages 74 – 83)
  • And much more
light for photographers

The difference understanding light can make (click to see more examples)

“As a photographer, there is no greater achievement than bringing your imagination to life through the manipulation of light.” -Author Kent DuFault

How to Get a Discounted Copy Today (With Bonuses):

We were able to negotiate a 78% discount (normally $ 40, currently just $ 9). It also comes with an unbeatable 90-day, double-your-money-back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it. Plus, you’ll get bonus light temperature and color cheat sheets today – all of which ends soon.

Deal found here: The Understanding Light Guide at 78% Off

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