Most-Read Post-Processing Articles of 2016

This week we have shared some other popular articles from 2016. Check those out here:

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  • 15 of the Most Popular Landscape Photography Articles of 2016
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Now, I’m going to shift gears to talk about post-processing. From 2016 here are some of the most-read articles on post-processing including Lightroom, Photoshop, and other options.



  • Lightroom Quick Post-Processing Tips for Landscape Photography
  • 11 Steps for Basic Portrait Editing in Lightroom; A Beginner’s Guide
  • 5 Lightroom Develop Module Secrets Revealed
  • 4 Steps to Make Your Images Pop in Lightroom
  • Total Beginner’s Guide to Lightroom; Step by Step
  • 13 Steps for Editing Street Photography in Lightroom from Start to Finish
  • How to Make Your Photos Shine Using Clarity, Sharpening, and Dehaze in Lightroom
  • 4 Key Lightroom Sliders That Will Supercharge Your Photos
  • 5 Tips for Using the Lightroom Adjustment Brush Tool
  • The 6 Most Important Things You Need to Know about Lightroom’s Develop Module
  • Step by Step How to Make a Moody Desaturated Image in Lightroom
  • Understanding the HSL Panel in Lightroom for Beginners
  • Step by Step How to Use HDR Merge in Lightroom
  • 4 Batch Processing Techniques to Speed Up Your Workflow in Lightroom
  • Solving the Biggest Newbie Confusions with Lightroom by Phil Steele
  • How to Use Lightroom’s Transform and Crop Tools to Improve Composition
  • How to Size and Export Images from Lightroom for Facebook and Print

Have a look at our dPS Lightroom preset packs here.

Or our Lightroom Mastery online course.

Or our Lightroom Mastery online course.


  • adobe_photoshop_cs6_icon-svgHow to Create a Silky Water Effect in Post-Processing without Using Filters or a Tripod
  • How to Cut Out the Subject From the Background in Photoshop
  • How to Enhance Urban Night Photographs Using Luminosity Masks in Photoshop
  • How to Create a Dramatic Cinematic Style Portrait Using Photoshop Color Grading
  • Getting Started with Layer Masks in Photoshop; a Beginner’s Tutorial
  • How to Enhance Portraits Using Gray Layers to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop
  • How to Create Bokeh In-camera and Using Photoshop
  • 3 Quick Photoshop Edits You Need to Know
  • 2 Simple Methods for Adding Color to Your Images Using Photoshop
  • How to Make a Little Planet Using Photoshop
  • How to Use Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop to Make Your Landscape Images Pop
  • How to Blend in Adjustments Using Layer Masking in Photoshop
  • How to Use the Channel Mixer in Photoshop to Change Colors in Your Images
  • 3 Methods for Converting to Black and White Using Photoshop

Both (ACR) or Other

  • An Overview of Google’s Nik Collection Filters for Post-Processing
  • 4 Quick Ways to Add a Vignette to Your Images in Post-Processing
  • Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheets
  • Software Review: Macphun Creative Kit 2016
  • The 5 Best Google Nik Color Efex Pro 4 Filters and How They Can Amplify Your Images
  • Top 5 Nik Collection Filters to Improve Your Landscape Photos
  • How to Sharpen Your Photos using Lightroom and Nik Efex

We also had a good discussion about whether or not you should process your photos here: To Process or Not To Process? Let’s Discuss.

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