Interesting Photo of the Day: Merry-Go-Round Long Exposure

With long exposures, you get the almost unique opportunity to capture a moment and literally see time go by. And while I find nighttime long exposure photography to be one of the best examples of great art, daytime long exposures take it one step further, since they’re so much more delicate to capture:

merry go round

Carousel (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

The photo above, by photographer Sergei Kalinin, shows a merry-go-round that makes you feel you’ve actually been on the ride. Judging by some reactions to the photo, it is real enough to bring out some motion sickness for those who suffer from it.

What’s impressive to me in the photo is that the author managed to have a perfect exposure of the merry-go-round, with crisp focus on the entire mechanism of the ride, and the entire background remains so blurry it’s difficult to discern any detail from it. When you take into account the exposure time and the sensitive lighting that must have gone into the setup, you start to appreciate the work behind the image.

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Andrei Maguleanu

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