Interesting Photo of the Day: Colors Over Everest

Sure, you’ve seen photos of Mt. Everest. You may have even seen a rainbow over Mt. Everest. But have you ever seen an upside-down rainbow over Mt. Everest?

inverted rainbow over mt everest

(Via National Geographic. Click image to see full size.)

This shot—which sacrifices underexposure on the mountain to emphasize the dazzling color of the rainbow—was taken by Neha Gadhari, a hiker and NatGeo community member who stumbled upon the sight by fluke.

“We all were reluctant to rush back down after experiencing a sunrise behind Everest. So, we took more stops than usual and were gifted by this rare optical phenomena. A circumhorizontal arc combined with a 22-degree halo.”

For those curious about the science behind the optics, it’s called a circumzenithal arc—and it’s actually much more common than rainbows are.

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