Could the Nikon D850 Have a Hybrid Viewfinder?

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The news of Nikon developing the next generation high-resolution D850 DSLR camera have been generating a lot of buzz all over the photography community. The Nikon D810 has set such a high benchmark for a DSLR, that any thought of an upgrade is certainly getting a lot of people excited. Nikon’s promise to deliver a product that will exceed customer expectations is surely intriguing Nikon fans, and there are all kinds of talks in regards to the not-yet-revealed specifications of the camera. One of the hot topics that is surrounding the upcoming Nikon D850 is its viewfinder – people are speculating whether the camera will feature a hybrid viewfinder, something we have never previously seen on a DSLR before. If Nikon does indeed make it happen, we could see the very first DSLR with a hybrid viewfinder. Interestingly, I wrote a detailed article about how this could happen two years ago in an article titled “Transitional DSLR with EVF Capability“. Let’s revisit that article and shed a bit more light on how this might change the way DSLRs work today.

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Nasim Mansurov

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