Day: December 27, 2017

Interesting Photo of the Day: Sunset at Great Mell Fell

Every once in a while, when you wait for it, the grey skies of England break apart and the orange sun casts a beautiful warm glow over the wonderful landscape. Cumbria-based photographer Joe Stockdale shows us just how stunning Northern England can be in his photo of a sunset at Great Mell Fell in the English […]

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PL Landscape Photography Video Course Is Here!

Our team at Photography Life would like to begin by wishing Happy Holidays to our readers all around the world! Thank you for all your support, and we are excited to say that we have a huge announcement today, which many people have been asking us about for months. With festivities in the air, we […]

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A happy ending: Police recover stolen limited edition Leica from The Camera Store robbery

Shattered glass from the break-in. Photo: The Camera Store You could look at the story of the recent robbery at beloved Calgary camera shop The Camera Store as a play in three acts. Act 1: the store is robbed of over $ 27,000 USD worth of high-end camera equipment. Act 2: Local and worldwide media […]

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