Day: December 7, 2017

Beginner’s Guide: Real Estate Photography

Photography is a useful tool for different industries. It is a powerful tool for selling just about anything, be it food, clothing, or property. Having good images is the key in commerce. This attracts potential buyers and also makes products or services appealing. In real estate, photography is just as important. With the markets starting […]

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The Importance of Being Honest With Yourself and Your Clients

If you do any photography for clients, either on a regular basis or whenever work comes your way, there can be a tendency to be somewhat creative when answering questions about your skills, abilities, and expectations. You might be asked to shoot a wedding when you don’t necessarily have the gear or experience to do […]

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Samsung’s built-in storage chips might make microSD slots a thing of the past

MicroSD storage expansion slots are a feature that is slowly but surely disappearing from high-end smartphones, with “cloud-focused” smartphone manufacturers such as Google or Apple leading the pack. However, at least Samsung users can stop worrying about a lack of expandable storage in the near future, because the built-in storage in their devices should soon […]

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