Day: December 5, 2017

How to Choose Your First Camera Drone and Skyrocket Your Photography

Maybe you are in love with photography and in the process of turning it into a passion. You might be a professional photographer who’s always searching to improve, or you might just like capturing those beautiful trips like no other. If you’re in any of these categories, you might want to consider buying yourself a […]

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How to Use Your Camera’s Depth of Field Preview Button

Ever wondered what that tiny, mysterious button located toward the bottom of your camera’s body is for? ZY Productions provides an answer to the age old mystery: Believe it or not, that tiny little button allows you to preview an image’s depth of field in-camera. Some users press out of curiosity and aren’t able to observe […]

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Instagram Freebooting Is Out of Control and the Company Is Letting It Happen

As Instagram evolves, copyright violations don’t seem to be an issue for this social media giant. More images mean more views which mean more ad revenue, and there is zero incentive for Instagram to take any serious action against reposters, lost as it is in this huge gray area of what constitutes a breach of […]

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