Day: November 28, 2017

How to Use Lens Aperture to Demonstrate Importance and Tell Stories

Relevant reminder: only a little while left for The Photography eBook Cyber Monday Sale Single lens reflex cameras have interchangeable lenses that allow photographers to change the aperture of those lenses. The aperture is the hole inside the lens whose size is determined by you, the photographer. And that is as long as you’re using […]

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How to Apply Creativity to Your Images with Texture Overlays Using Luminar

Layers of fun One advantage that Luminar has over the average Raw processor is the ability to work with Layers. “What is a layer?” I hear you ask. Well, your basic image is a single layer, like a sheet of paper on a table. Adding another layer is akin to adding another sheet of paper […]

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How to Take Great Landscape Photos Even With Gray Skies

When you think of the sky in landscape photos, I bet you think of gorgeous sunsets full of luscious, vivid colors or puffy clouds floating over a blue backdrop, perfectly complementing the elements below. You probably don’t think of drab, gray skies. Nonetheless, it’s still possible to get great shots with less-than-stellar views above, and […]

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