Day: October 23, 2017

Google may address ‘dull’ colors of Pixel 2 XL display, is investigating burn-in reports

Google’s newly launched Pixel 2 XL smartphone has received some criticism from buyers who claim the POLED display appears ‘dull’ when compared to the vivid OLED displays used by some of Pixel 2 XL’s competition. Google recently commented on the criticism, telling 9to5Google that it will consider releasing a software update that adds more display […]

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 7 Photography Exercises To Help You Be a Better Photographer

Photography is like most other professions or hobbies in that you will improve and get better with training. But, like other skills, you need to try and set yourself a structure and actively try and improve the areas that you may not be good at. Sure, like anything else, there are those that are naturally […]

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New: The Photography in Bad Weather Guide at 60% Off

When the weather turns sour… most of us tend to stay inside. But poor weather actually brings some of the greatest photography opportunities that you will ever get a chance to shoot. If you want to learn some new outdoor photography techniques – effective even when faced with clouds, rain, and lousy light – then […]

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