Day: October 13, 2017

Weekly Photography Challenge – Light Painting

Earlier I rounded up a couple videos on how to do two very different styles of light painting. You can see them here. Below are two images of my own where you can see the two different techniques and the results. In this image, I have light painted the building with a regular flashlight. This […]

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The 5 Day Photography Deal Has Started

It’s back, and contains more amazing photography products then ever. 36 leading photography educators & brands have been selected to contribute products to take your photography to the next level. Over $ 2,500 of products & resources for photographers at 96% off, but it’s only available for 5 days. It’s one of the best photography […]

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Shooting with a used DSLR kit that cost me just $80

Cameras and lenses are expensive. Really expensive. Even the cheapest entry-level DSLR kit today costs $ 500 and upwards. But what if you would buy the cheapest possible used DSLR? A camera that is over 10 years old? How would it stack up against today’s modern cameras? I was curious about this, and decided to […]

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