Day: June 17, 2017

Through the lens of black women photographers

Photography is storytelling, and the photographer’s perspective can be an important part of the story. The exclusion of diverse perspectives deprives us of valuable insight. In an attempt to address this exclusion and the associated under-representation of black women photographers, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn and her colleagues have self-published “Mfon: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora”. […]

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5 Quick Tips for Outdoor Macro Photography

Summer is arriving here in northern Europe, and with it, a whole new world of color, vitality, and humming activity. It’s the perfect time to go outside and explore what all the buzz is about! Doing macro photography outdoors can be a very rewarding and pleasant activity, and no, it doesn’t have to be complicated. […]

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13 Gimbal Movements You Should Know

Adding to your arsenal of camera movements is always a good thing to do. If you just bought your first gimbal, this great tutorial will show you 13 essential movements that will add more visual interest to your work. [ Read More ] Alex Cooke Click Here to Check out The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Guide […]

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