Day: June 10, 2017

Interesting Photo of the Day: Fairbanks Through a Fisheye

San Francisco based Night Crew Labs isn’t afraid to step outside of the box and head out on an adventure to get a stunning shot. Since the creative media venture formed in 2015, they’ve explored incredible land formations including the Mojave Desert and Grand Canyon from a bird’s eye vantage point. They’re even planning an expedition undersea […]

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4 times when a Hail Mary might be the right move

4 times when a Hail Mary might be the right move A bee hops between blackberry flowers on a sunny day in North Tacoma. By holding the stem of the flower in one hand and camera (with a full-frame fisheye) in the other, I could adjust the composition quickly and blast frames whenever the bee […]

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7 Ways to Stay Organized While You’re Traveling

Travel has the capacity to take you to any number of amazing destinations to photograph. It also means you are often on the move, setting up in your new location of choice, only then to pack up and move to the next, often soon after. Staying organized while traveling can have some major benefits to the […]

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