Day: June 5, 2017

iOS 11 brings photo updates to iPhone and iPad

In addition to hardware updates, Apple provided some details about the next generation of its mobile operating system at today’s WWDC. When iOS 11 arrives this fall it will bring an updated Live Photos feature with a few new tricks up its sleeve, more options for shooting in Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, […]

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How to Use White Balance as a Creative Tool

White Balance is almost always used to match what colors our cameras detect to the colors we see with our eyes. Our brains are very good at managing how we see color. A sunny day looks warm and bright, but the actual color of the light is skewed heavily blue. Indoors, incandescent lights are notoriously […]

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Wide-Angle Lens Tips in Landscape Photography

Settings for best results: A) Aperture Priority Mode Whenever I conduct landscape photography, I always shoot in Aperture Priority mode. Reason being I am able to shoot with more choices of appropriate f-stops and depth of field. I normally use the optimal aperture of my lens, and that is between f/8 to f/14. “Red Rock […]

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