Day: May 22, 2017

Leica announces plans for ‘peeling’ CCDs in M9 and Monochrom

Owners of Leica M cameras that suffer from ‘peeling’ CCDs will be able to claim a free repair in the future so long as the camera was purchased within five years of the fault becoming apparent, the company has announced. The plan has been set out to address what happens after the 16th August this […]

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Shooting With Different Cameras, Does it Lead to Inspiration?

For the last decade I’ve been sticking to my guns, shooting on a Canon 5D Mark II with a small selection of lenses. This camera has been the love of my life for so long even my family and friends get jealous. But what if you get the opportunity to dive into the dark depths […]

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How to Create a Beautiful Bokeh Background

Have you ever thought that a sheet of aluminium foil can be used as a backdrop in order to create stunning bokeh effect? Before we start talking about El Bokeh Wall and how it can be achieved, let us first get to know what exactly the term bokeh means. Assuming that you may not be […]

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