Day: March 29, 2017

Review: $350 Leica Copy

What could possibly go wrong with a $ 350 camera that claims to do it all? Kaiman Wong takes it out for a spin and shows us just how much compromise must be made to get that price down. [ Read More ] Stephen Kampff Click Here to Check out The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Guide […]

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Ming Thein joins Hasselblad as Chief of Strategy

Hasselblad has announced that commercial photographer and blogger Ming Thein has been appointed its Chief of Strategy. Thein is known for his popular blog, and is no stranger to Hasselblad as a former ambassador for the company. In addition to his photography chops, Thein brings a degree in Physics from Oxford and years of experience working […]

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What are the Best Street Photography Camera Settings and Why

Did you ever wonder how the photographers of the past did it? All they had were manual cameras and yet somehow they had a method that beats even the latest technology in autofocus! Wonder what it was? Let’s find out first what it was and discuss what most call the best street photography camera settings. […]

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