Day: March 10, 2017

Where is a Woman’s Place in This Nation?

Masses gathered around the country to march in support together for women’s rights. While each had their own unique story, most of what was heard was from adults in response to the new administration. One photographer wanted to go back to the youth of our nation to see how young girls and boys felt about […]

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Photojournalist Mannie Garcia awarded $45k settlement in police lawsuit

Back in June 2011, photojournalist Mannie Garcia was arrested by Montgomery County police while filming officers on a public street. He was charged with disorderly conduct, but the charge was dropped sixth month later. The following summer, Garcia filed a lawsuit against the police department alleging civil rights violations and abuse by the officers, among […]

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10 Must-Use Bird Photography Camera Settings for Beginners

With an overwhelming number of settings on the new DSLRs, it becomes increasingly hectic to know which ones to use. Then it takes an incredibly steep learning curve to understand how these settings work. It is much worse for a bird photographer, isn’t it? Bird photography is extremely challenging and a wrong setting might mean […]

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