Day: October 15, 2016

4 of the Most Important Elements of the Lightroom Library Module

When I read through photography forums or talk to other photographers the topic of image editors often comes up. People give various opinions and thoughts about which one they prefer. Photoshop, Lightroom, Apple Photos, Capture One, GIMP, and a host of other options from companies like ON1 and MacPhun are all capable of doing various types of […]

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Photographer Profile: Kyaw Kyaw Winn

Asian photographers who live and work in Asia, and especially in developing countries like Myanmar, don’t often get much attention in the West. This is now beginning to change, but only slowly. One such photographer breaking through is Burma’s most famous all around lensman, Kyaw Kyaw Winn. Herding Temples, Bagan. The 40 square mile area […]

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10 Beginner Tips to Improve Your Photography

I am an amateur photographer. I photograph in my spare time because it is my passion. Here are 10 tips that I think will improve your photography. As with anything, there are rules in photography, but sometimes when you break them, you get unique and interesting photos. Keep this in mind as you read through […]

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